Lindsay Lohan's Legal Troubles: How Much Bad Behavior Costs

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Lindsay Lohan's Legal Troubles: How Much Bad Behavior Costs

It might be time for another Freaky Friday movie. The rehab bills are adding up, and it looks like Lindsay Lohan is spending more than she’s making.

Since 2007, Lohan has spent over a million dollars ($1,147,500 to be exact) on rehab and/or arrests. It started with her month-long stint at Wonderland in 2007. The facility is so lavish, you’ll want to start doing coke just so you can check yourself in. That is, until you see the price tag. For a month of treatment, Lohan spent $58,000.

Judge to Lindsay: Don't Push Your Luck!

Later that year, Lohan had her first DUI arrest (aww!), costing her a total of $30,000. As a result of this, she reentered rehab at a place called Promises, which cost another $54,500.

So we’re at May of 2007, and so far the total is: $142,500, and people are starting to make a lot of Lindsay: Fully Loaded jokes. Ok, now take a deeeeeep breath….

For the rest of the year, Lohan somehow manages to rack up another $85,000 in DUIs, rehabs, etc. The court gives her a punch card for a free smoothie after her 12th arrest.

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From 2008-2009 we don’t hear too much from Lohan. Recreating a nude Marilyn Monroe photo shoot and designing jeggings seem to keep her out of trouble for a little while. She then took on a few gigs, including an ABC Family Original Movie, to try to pay off her now $227,500 bad behavior bill.

But in May of 2010, Lohan missed a scheduled progress hearing for her DUI charge, and for the rest of 2010, she spends another $880,000 in bonds and rehab. And that brings us to her latest felony charge for grand theft. The bond for this one was $20,000 and another $20,000 for violating her probation, bringing her grand total to over a million dollars. If she could earn points for this on her Ralph’s card, she’d have free groceries for life!

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And the mil plus doesn't even include attorney fees! Her hotshot lawyers don't come cheap! Add another mil just for attorney fees, if not more!

Sadly, since incurring this huge bill, Lohan hasn’t earned that much money. Her roles have been limited, including a BBC documentary, an appearance on a Bravo TV show, and a role in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete. Maybe Lohan is using the residuals from her Parent Trap days, but one can’t help but wonder how she’s paying off this massive amount. Maybe that explains why she needed to steal that necklace.

Lindsay's bad behavior breakdown:

  • January 2007--Wonderland Rehab: $58,000
  • May 2007--1st DUI Arrest: $30,000 for bail
  • May 2007--Promises Rehab: $54,500
  • July 2007--2nd DUI Arrest: $25,000 for bail
  • October 2007--Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah: $60,000 (2 months at $30,000 a month)
  • May 2010--Failure to appear in court: $100,000 for bail
  • June 9, 2010--Violated probation: $200,000 for bail
  • August 2010--UCLA Rehab bill: $130,000
  • September 25, 2010--Violated probation; failed drug test: $300,000 for bail
  • November 2010-January 2011--Betty Ford rehab bill: $150,000
  • February 9, 2011--Felony Grand Theft: $20,000 for bail, $20,000 for violating parole