Lindsay Lohan's Legal Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Be Bad?

November 2, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Legal Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Be Bad?

Lindsay Lohan recently decided to take it all off for Playboy, as long as they cut her a check for a whopping $1 million dollars. She turned them down before, but she's really not in a position to reject work these days. In fact, it was such an important gig, Lindsay's jail sentence was postponed because of it.

While Lindsay was sentenced to 30 days in prison, she was given one week to turn herself in, because she still has work to finish up on that Playboy shoot. And let's face it, Lindsay spends a lot to maintain her bad girl lifestyle, so she needs this paycheck.

Since 2007, Lohan has forked over more than a million dollars for her rehab and arrests. Her most recent bad behavior splurge? $10,000 bail for violating her probation. Okay, okay, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's start from the beginning.


It all started with Lindsay's month-long rehab stint at Wonderland in 2007. For a month of treatment, the facility charges $58,000. Being a drug addict ain't cheap. Later that year, Lohan takes her first mug shot, when she gets arrested for DUI. The bail cost her $30,000. As a result of this, she reenters rehab at a place called Promises, which cost another $54,500. That brings the total to $142,500. But then, later that year, she manages to rack up another $85,000 in DUIs, rehab stays, etc. Her grand total for bad behavior in 2007 is $227,500. She does a few movies, including Georgia Rule, so she can pay it off.


Lohan manages to lay low for a while. She has an appearance on Ugly Betty and then does that Marilyn Monroe shoot for New York Magazine. Her career is now suffering, after she makes a name for herself as an insurance hazard on the set of Georgia Rule. To distract everyone from this, she distracts us with her boobs. It works, at least for a little while. She saves up some money to pay off her future legal fees. Which brings us to…


Lohan misses a scheduled hearing for her DUI charge. She pays $100,000 for bail. On June 9, 2010, she violates probation and pays $200,000 for bail. She enters rehab at UCLA and foots the bill of $130,000. In September, she violates probation again after failing a drug test. It costs her $300,00. 2010 is an expensive year, costing her $730,000. This doesn’t even include her attorney fees, which are at least in the hundred thousand mark, if not much, much more.

To make matters worse, Lohan doesn’t earn much money in 2010, so she's most likely using her reserves now. She goes on Project Runway and has a role in Robert Rodriguez's Machete, but that's about it.


In 2011, Lohan kicks the year off with her Betty Ford rehab bill, which is $150,000. Pocket change at this point. On February 9, 2011, she's charged with Felony Grand Theft. She pays $20,000 for bail and another $20,000 for violating parole.

Then, in October, she violates her probation yet again, and ends up paying $10,000 for bail. So far in 2011, she's paid $200,000. That's almost a quarter of a million. According to Michael Lohan, Lindsay's legal bill with Shawn Holley was $135,000 as of May 2011. He said he'd foot the bill. Even if he did, Lindsay is still stuck with a hell of a payment, which explains the Playboy shoot. I'm guessing they originally offered her $750,000 and Lohan said, "You're breakin' my balls. But alright, how much for my vagina?" and they upped the price to a million. Additionally, Lohan filmed a commercial from her Venice home while she was on house arrest, and more recently, went on a photo shoot for fashion designer Philipp Plein. It's actually been a pretty lucrative year for her, considering.

So Lohan might be able to pay off her $1,147,500 grand total in legal fees, but that's not going to save her from jail. On Wednesday, Judge Stephanie Sautner sentenced Lindsay to thirty days in the county jail. However, Lindsay will probably end up doing a grand total of zero days. Because of a federal mandate, non-felons with short sentences are processed and sent home.

Other than that, she's got a bunch of community service to do. A small price to pay for a million dollar bad girl lifestyle.