Lindsay Lohan's Hit-and-Run Victim Wants to Press Charges

March 14, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Hit-and-Run Victim Wants to Press Charges

Lindsay Lohan hit a guy with her car and fled the scene early this morning, and it turns out, the guy is in the E.R. and ready to press charges. On the bright side, Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, doesn’t ever have to worry about job security.

Lindsay ran into the manager of the Hookah Lounge early on Wednesday morning, after leaving a club. She grazed his knee with her car, after being bombarded by paparazzi, and then peeled out and fled the scene.

At the time, the 26 year-old manager appeared to be fine and said had no idea who Lindsay was because he’s not from the U.S.

Witnesses told TMZ that the manager was fine after being struck and “got up and started smoking his hookah.”

People are hardcore with their hookah. Los Angeles police Sgt. Mark Ro said that Lindsay was trying to make a U-turn outside the club when she hit the man. “Space was tight,” the sergeant said. He also suggested that Lindsay might have also nudged the employee’s parked car.

Shortly after the incident, the manager started complaining he was injured. From there, he went to the emergency room, and according to TMZ, he’s planning to press charges and hire an attorney.

Cops say they’ll open and hit-and-run investigation if the manger does indeed file a report. The last thing Lindsay needs is more legal problems, but if the manager is indeed injured, she just might be found guilty of a hit and run crime. And even worse, that would probably be considered a violation of her probation in her shoplifting case.