Lindsay Lohan's Hit-and-Run: Not Cooperating

March 22, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Hit-and-Run: Not Cooperating

Remember when Lindsay Lohan hit that person with her car? No, not that time. The other one.

Lindsay Lohan allegedly hit Thaer Kamal after she was leaving a Hollywood nightclub earlier this moth.

Except she probably didn’t, because 1) it took him a while to go the hospital 2) A bunch of witnesses say otherwise and now 3) he won’t talk to the cops.

According to TMZ, both Lindsay and the victim have refused to talk with detectives for an interview. Neither of them have an obligation to do so, but if the victim is uncooperative, the cops probably won’t refer the matter to prosecutors.

Even more interesting, sources say an investigator from an insurance company contacted Lindsay’s lawyer and said they were investigating Kamal for 6-8 cases of insurance fraud. So yeah. The odds of this guy being full of it are pretty good. He’s allegedly staged car accidents and filed phony claims.

He’s the manager of the Hookah Lounge, which is near the club where Lindsay was partying. He claims that Lindsay hit him in her Porsche and then drove away, though some witnesses say it didn’t happen at all. TMZ reported at the time that Kamal didn’t know who Lindsay was, and upon finding out, decided to go to the hospital.

But there is some bad news for Lindsay. Thaer has hired legal pit bull Mark Geragos, who has already made a settlement demand to Lohan. Geragos claims Kamal was not involved in insurance fraud.

Lindsay is due in court next week for her final probation progress hearing. If the hit and run case gets out of hand, the hearing could get complicated.