Lindsay Lohan's Entire Management Team Behind the Intervention

October 22, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Entire Management Team Behind the Intervention
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According to Lindsay Lohan's Dad Michael, Lilo is an alcoholic again and her entire team was behind her father's decision to stage an intervention.

What we at first dismissed as crazy Michael Lohan drama, and maybe a desperate attempt to stay relevant, actually has some truth to it. We’re finding out that Lindsay’s entire management team was involved in staging the intervention. This ish is real, is what I’m trying to say.

TMZ has obtained emails dating back to September 23 between Michael, Lilo’s manager Evan Hainey, her entertainment lawyer Dave Feldman, and her criminal defense lawyer Shawn Holley, who all agreed that an intervention must take place.

In one email from Michael to Shawn he wrote, “Lindsay is drinking between a bottle and a bottle and a half of vodka per day. I have seen the empty bottles and even cocaine in her room at Chateau.”

He must be referring to several months ago, because Lindsay was kicked out of the Château at the beginning of the summer.

Michael also added that she is abusing Adderall and apparently was drinking during work on the set of “Liz & Dick.”

A notable email from her manager Evan says, “I am hearing the same things.”

And then they all planned to stage an intervention shortly after October 15, Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn agrees, writing, “Let’s do it” and then the group decided that Michael should confront Lindsay first and they would show up afterwards, but when Michael showed up to Lilo’s place, she called the cops on him and it was a no-go on the intervention.

Something seems fishy…why would LiLo’s WHOLE team agree to something, but then they tell Michael to show up to Lindsay’s alone and essentially “meet him there.” They know Lindsay can’t stand her dad?

At this point, the Lindsay drama isn’t even fun anymore, it’s just sad.