Lindsay Lohan's Director: She's the Next Angelina

February 25, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Director: She's the Next Angelina

Nathan Folks, the director of Lindsay Lohan’s first post-rehab movie, said in an interview, “I spoke with her after court and she was not happy…”

If this is the brilliant perspective Nathan Folks has to offer, he might not be the best person to direct this movie. The film, titled Escape from the Game has Lohan cast as an ex-CIA agent investigating the disappearances of high-profile celebrities.

“She is clean," Folks said. "She really wants this to be her comeback, and I want it to be for her. I'm convinced it will be and I will do everything in my power to make it happen.

Folks continues, comparing Lohan to Angelina Jolie:

“She will play a role like Angelina Jolie's character in Salt. And lets face it, even Angelina went through a rough time in the beginning. She had a very dark time but got these type of roles and managed to turn her life around. If she wasn't able to film because she was in jail, of course I would have to recast her. But I'm fighting for her all the way.”

When I think “ex-CIA agent”, I think Harvey Keitel or Kathy Bates or something. Someone who looks like they’re old enough to be a seasoned government agent. I mean, the movie is about celebrities who are sick of the stress of their overly public lives and escape to a deserted island. And he had Lindsay Lohan on his hands and cast her as an ex-CIA agent. That’s like making a movie about a troubled TV actor dealing with his sobriety and casting Charlie Sheen as “Reporter #3”.