Lindsay Lohan's Criminal Record Causes Issues For New Movie

March 28, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Criminal Record Causes Issues For New Movie

Remember how Lindsay Lohan is supposed to be in that Elizabeth Taylor biopic, and she’s already been studying and researching for her new role, and we're all like, ‘Wait, this sounds way too easy and drama-free to be Lindsay Lohan news.’ Remember all that? Well, here we go.

Lindsay’s criminal record is proving to be a real pain in the ass when it comes to working on the Lifetime movie, Liz and Dick.

Set to be shot in Toronto, Lindsay is reportedly having to “jump through hoops” to get a Canadian work permit, according to TMZ.

Here’s the problem. Lindsay has two DUIs and a theft conviction. In Canada, their worst criminals are people who don’t say ‘bless you’ after someone sneezes. So you can see how they would be concerned.

In order to get that work permit, Lindsay has to go through a pretty complicated process.

Tomorrow, Lindsay is due back in court, and Judge Stephanie Sautner is expected to take Lindsay off of the probation stemming from her Beverly Hills DUI case.

The judge is also expected to change Lindsay’s probation status for the jewelry theft from formal to informal. So that basically means she won’t have to report to a probation officer or appear in court. As long as she doesn’t break the law. Hey, it’s possible.

According to TMZ, Lindsay’s lawyer is filling out a crap ton of paperwork in order for her to get the permit. The results of tomorrow’s hearing are supposed to make it easier for her to get that Canadian permit.