Lindsay Lohan's Brother: She Has a Long Way to Go

September 29, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Brother: She Has a Long Way to Go

Lindsay Lohan's very private brother Michael Lohan Jr. has stayed mum throughout the years when it comes to his troubled sister. He's watched his mother Dina make excuses for Lindsay and listened to his father plead with her about entering rehab.

But now that Linds is in rehab for the fifth time he's finally speaking out. "I think that in the past, her vision had been blurred," Michael, 22, tells People magazine.

"People she was surrounded by – enablers, leeches, whatever you'd like to call it – made things very difficult," he says. "It's quite strenuous to right your wrongs when the people around you help justify your actions. Therefore, cloudy judgment made it easy for her to neglect those trying to guide her."

Lindsay recently tweeted that she has a problem and volunteered to go to rehab, but her brother thinks she still has a long way to go. He adds, "People with addictive tendencies do not get better overnight, so that cannot be expected. However, her commitment to her current recovery is a side effect of the realization of her past mishaps."

He says Lindsay is "well-aware that she's at a crossroad in life, and is fully committed to ensuring a healthier future."

"She has made conscious efforts to improve her lifestyle behaviors and to treat this process with great care. In order to continue her healing process, she's willing to take whatever steps necessary," Michael adds. "We – her mother, brothers, and sister – have been there for Lindsay every step of the way – despite what trashy news reports – and will continue to give her our support and strength during these arduous times."

It's interesting that he left their father out of the last part of the statement when Michael Sr. is the one that's been begging her to go to rehab for months. Either way, we hope these last few weeks have been a wake up call for Lindsay and she's finally serious about getting clean.