Lindsay Lohan's Big Comeback Underway

November 26, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Big Comeback Underway

Everyone loves a big comeback story and Lindsay Lohan better be prepped for one.
Lilo has gotten multiple chances, but it wasn't until this last trip to rehab that she actually wanted to get clean. So now that she's on the road to recovery, her career is starting to look up.

Lindsay reportedly has a mountain of scripts waiting for her once she gets out of rehab. Her people want her to take on a positive role, which will be good for her image.

Ethan Terra – who co-owns a production company with Dina Lohan – said: “Lindsay has absolutely no qualms about getting work. She literally has a mountain pile of scripts to choose from. When she is ready, we’d like to see her take on a positive role; she is doing so amazingly well with her recovery.”

Lindsay was replaced by Malin Akerman on the porn flick so she currently has no movies in the pipeline. Lilo is no Tara Reid because she actually does have talent so getting other movie roles shouldn't be a problem if she actually is clean. The problem with Lindsay is that she was never reliable because she was always high, hence why she wasn't insurable. Let's see if Lilo stops acting like a little brat and actually picks her career over the party lifestyle. Not everyone gets so many chances, hopefully she realizes that. And if she doesn't there will be another Lindsay Lohan within days. Everyone is replaceable.