Lindsay Lohan's Bank Accounts Seized By IRS

December 3, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Bank Accounts Seized By IRS


Back when I heard that Lindsay Lohan was broke I laughed it off. She was in Mean Girls, they play that movie on TNT on the regular, she must have residual checks piling up in her mailbox, but then when I realized that that movie is 8 years old and I was like, ohh sh*t.

So Lindsay Lohan is official broke and the tax man has seized control of all of her bank accounts to repay her federal taxes debt.

Lindsay reportedly owes $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes from 2009-2010 and even though Charlie Sheen gifted her with $100,000 it was like a drop in the bucket, because LiLo also owes an unnamed amount of taxes for her 2011 taxes.

Lindsay hasn’t paid in over 3 years. When that happens to normal people, the IRS takes your house!

So yeah, when you heard that Lindsay is drinking two liters of vodka per day, this is why. She’s super stressed and cash strapped.

So now the IRS has their hands on Lindsay’s bank account and will take what they need to cover her debts.

That being said, I can’t feel that sorry for her if she’s constantly in and out of nightclubs. Don’t act like a vodka-cran at one of those places isn’t $20 a pop!

Anyways, TMZ has learned that Lindsay is desperately trying to make some money and quick.

So when you start to see Lindsay endorsing diet shakes and alcohol brands a ‘la The Kardashians, you’ll know why.