Lindsay Lohan's Assistant Reported Her To Police

November 8, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Assistant Reported Her To Police
Image By: Splash News

Snitches be crazy, yo!

So Lindsay Lohan might go to jail because she’s being accused of lying to cops. And you know how they know she was lying? Because she was ratted out by her assistant Gavin!

In case you haven’t been following Lindsay latest legal drama, she is being charged with lying to police.

When did she lie to police? When she got in a car accident over the summer on PCH. What was she lying about? She said she wasn’t the driver of the vehicle but really she was!

So anyways, the cops originally claimed they knew she was lying because eye-witnesses at the scene of the crime saw her driving, but now TMZ is reporting that Lindsay’s assistant told the cops after the crash that it was Lilo who was driving the vehicle while he rode shot-gun.

This is what we call a “snitch.” This is like what Chris Brown did in the Chris Brown vs. Drake “popping bottles” fiasco, he snitched, and was all like, “officer, it wasn’t me.”

This comes hot off the news that Lindsay is reportedly “terrified” of going back to jail with this new allegation. Lindsay also thinks the cops “are out to get her,” because apparently Lindsay doesn’t understand that when you break the law, the cops will come after you. It’s kind of a thing and we call it “law enforcement.”