Lindsay Lohan's Accuser Has a Violent Past

December 23, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Accuser Has a Violent Past

We're starting to get new info about the woman Lindsay Lohan got into an altercation with at Betty Ford, and let's just say her past doesn't paint a pretty picture.

Dawn Holland's ex husband is speaking out against her calling her a violent gold digger. Why does Lindsay always attract the weirdos?

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Speaking about the marriage, her ex Timothy Holland told Radaroline being married to her was like being married to a "monster."

"I remember getting into a confrontation one evening and she started tearing the house up. I had to restrain her," Tim tells us. "Then I had to file a restraining order after that to have her removed from the property."

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"She's a golddigger," he added. "When I met Dawn I had $137,000 cash. When I was broke, Dawn left. My house was in foreclosure. Dawn is a gold digger. She used me. She took my money and she used it to her advantage. When I was broke she left."

And get this, she was more into drugs than Lindsay has ever been! "She's in recovery like, me. When I met Dawn, she was two years in recovery from drug addiction, specifically crack cocaine."

Now that Dawn is unemployed she's reportedly been asking for money to talk about the incident and is even planning on suing Lindsay for assault and battery. For once it may seem like Lindsay's the innocent party here. What do you think?