Lindsay Lohan Wraps Filming On 'Liz & Dick'

July 4, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Wraps Filming On 'Liz & Dick'

Wow, filming on Liz & Dick has come to an end and Lindsay Lohan ONLY suffered a nip slip, a car crash, and a near insurance fallout during these four short weeks.

Lindsay celebrated her 26th birthday on Monday and the crew decided to make the wrap party and her birthday one giant celebration.

They gave Lindsay a cake built in the shape of a pyramid with the message “Happy Birthday to the Queen of the Nile” because Lindsay gave such a riveting performance as Liz Taylor as Cleopatra.

“Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Also – that’s a wrap on ‘Liz & Dick’ – thank you to all my fans, crew members, friends & lifetime!” Lindsay wrote on Twitter yesterday.

Lindsay Lohan in a Bathing Suit as Liz Taylor

Lindsay’s producer on Liz & Dick told E! News, “Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler’s performances are picture perfect. The cinematic drama of the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton love story which unfolds onscreen is much more exciting and everlasting than the drama during production that took place off screen.”

Way to address Lindsay’s legal woes as the “drama that took place off screen.”

To celebrate the end of the Liz Taylor gig, Lindsay dyed her hair back to red. Maybe she realized that she did all her best movies as a redhead (i.e. Mean Girls and The Parent Trap).

Lindsay posted a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos from the set to Instagram. Photos of LiLo getting a manicure, Lindsay dressed as Cleopatra, and finally Lindsay with red hair.

Sources tell Hollyscoop that Lindsay is all set to start shooting her next film, The Canyons, next week. Can't wait to see what she's up to until then.