Lindsay Lohan Will Be Charged With Grand Theft!

February 8, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Will Be Charged With Grand Theft!

Lindsay Lohan's week just went from bad to worse. According to the LA District Attorney, she will be charged with felony grand theft tomorrow!

Lindsay is required to show up to court tomorrow for her arraignment at 1:30PM, where she potentially faces several years in jail.

Basically she'll surrender to the court when she shows up for her arraignment and be taken to the basement of the courthouse where her booking photo will be taken. Sorry, no paparazzi cameras allowed there!

Lindsay is still using the 'they told me I could borrow the necklace' excuse so her lawyer Shawn Holley Chapman is still trying to fight the charges.

She's a straight up moron if she really did steal the necklace. She's still under probation from her DUI and under investigation for the altercation she got into with the Betty Ford Clinic. It's like she's asking to be sent back to jail!

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