Lindsay Lohan Wants $1 Million to Talk

July 8, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Wants $1 Million to Talk

Coming from the girl who freely tweets like it’s going out of style, we’re a little surprised by this news. Apparently Lindsay Lohan wants $1 million for her first exclusive interview post-jail and rehab.

According to Popeater, Lindsay has already made herself very clear on the matter, knowing that people will be desperate to hear her tale from behind bars. A source tells them, "Financially, it's the best thing that could have ever happened to Lindsay. It's no secret that Lindsay has been in financial trouble for a while. She will earn more money from her post-prison interview than she ever earned acting."

"Expect to see a major TV and magazine deal," a source close to Lindsay says. "Lindsay might have made a lot of mistakes, but she knows how much her first interview is worth. She won't even consider offers of less than $1 million."

Getting paid for an interview is still considered to be taboo, unless you’re a fame whore reality star with nothing else going for you. But in Lindsay’s case, she’s definitely going to have something that everyone wants a piece of!

But there’s still a chance it won’t even happen—Paris Hilton was offered $1 million for her post-jail interview, but in the end just did it for free on Larry King.

In Lindsay’s case, it’s still scummy to take the money, but girlfriend is going to need it—BAD!

In related news, Lindsay did not attend her birthday bash at Las Palmas last night--that's a first! Instead, she stayed home and Kim Kardashian reportedly paid Linds a visit at her house.