Lindsay Lohan Violates Probation Again

October 14, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Violates Probation Again

Even MORE drama in that damn Lindsay Lohan shoplifting case has surfaced. Hey World, got any problems that need fixing? Absolutely not! Let’s talk about Lindsay Lohan more!

As part of Lindsay’s probation, she was ordered by a judge to see a psychologist at least once a week and Lindsay has NOT met that obligation.

Omigod seriously? Going to the shrink is like the easiest thing. At a minimum, Lindsay just has to lay on a couch and talk about the things that happened to her as a kid that made her screwed up now. …And then, when I was 17, I died my hair from red to black and I think that’s when all my problems started…

Lindsay was supposed to visit the therapist once a week, but she hasn’t done that. TMZ is reporting that one of her excuses is that she’s out of the country. Remember, she was “modeling for” slash hooking up with that German designer Philipp Plein in a recent trip to Italy. So yah, super important stuff overseas that’s keeping her from going to her therapy sessions.

Judge Sautner has said that work is not an excuse for failing to comply with the probation.  Except Lindsay doesn’t actually “work” at this point in her “career,” she kind of just makes appearances. As long as those appearances aren’t at the shrinks or the community service center, mind you.

This isn’t the only thing Lindsay has been violating. She was recently kicked out of the Downtown Women’s center where she was supposed to complete 360 hours of community service. She missed 9 scheduled visits and when she did show up, she would leave after an hour. She got fired from a volunteer position, essentially. 

And Lindsay has only completed a total of 21 hours so far of community service. She still needs to complete 339 hours before May 11, 2012. And at the rate she’s going, she’ll probably lose all her teeth before she finishes those other 339 hours. No seriously, have you seen her teeth? I give those decaying stubs two months tops.

All these strikes against Lindsay look really bad. She’s due in court next week for a progress report and unless they give her another chance, she might go to jail. However, everyone knows celebs don’t go to jail. Didn’t Paris Hilton get released from jail early for having a headache or something? See. Celebs, they’re just NOT like us.