Lindsay Lohan Under Investigation Over Missing Jewels

June 15, 2009 By:
Lindsay Lohan Under Investigation Over Missing Jewels

Lindsay Lohan is under investigation after $411,316 worth of jewels went missing after a photoshoot with a magazine.

Lindsay was in London recently for a photoshoot with Elle magazine. She kept asking if she could have the jewels that were on loan for the shoot but everyone thought she was just joking. Apparently she wasn't.

After the shoot rapped up the crew realized that the jewels...and Lindsay were gone.

An insider told, "She kept going on about the jewels, asking if she could have them. We all thought she was joking."

The magazine spent two weeks trying to get a hold of her, but Lindsay wouldn't return any of their calls. And since they couldn't handle the issue on their own, the magazine turned her into British police late last week.

This isn't the first time Lindsay has been accused of taking goods from a shoot. Louis Vuitton refuses to work with the actress because she has reportedly nabbed stuff from their shoots.

Back in 2008 Lindsay also made headlines when she walked out of a NYC nightclub in someone else's $11,000 mink coat.

Sounds like a sticky situation Lindsay's in. Do you think she took the jewels from the shoot? Maybe she "accidentally" walked out with them?