Lindsay Lohan Trying to Host her Own Talk Show

January 25, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Trying to Host her Own Talk Show

Lindsay Lohan’s acting career isn’t exactly panning out for her, so she’s decided she wants to do television! Sources tell Splash News Lindsay is developing a new show similar to The View, but geared more towards a younger audience.

A source said: "They're about to pilot the idea and have a lot of interest in the show. "Lindsay really thinks it's a huge opportunity for her to have some success in her career. Ultimately, she wants to get back into movies, but while the offers for film roles are not coming in, she doesn't see why she shouldn't take a shot at a TV chat show."

Lindsay can’t seem to make up her mind when it comes to her career. She needs to spend more time honing in on certain crafts, rather than bouncing around all the time! No wonder no one takes her seriously! Last month she was working on a documentary in India, and the month before that it was her leggings line and being artistic designer for Ungaro.

Make up your mind, girl!