Lindsay Lohan Tries To Get Samantha Ronson Arrested

February 5, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Tries To Get Samantha Ronson Arrested

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are at war again!

Last night Lindsay and Sam were both at Hollywood Hotspot Voyeur and upon leaving Lindsay told police officers outside the nightclub to pull Sam over because she had "been drinking."

"Lindsay was clearly set on ruining Samantha's evening. Lindsay's not just out for revenge - she's at war," a source who witnessed the altercation told X17.

"But it's weird - she seems happier recently. It's like fighting with Sam is like some sort of therapy for her."

Not only did she try to get Sam pulled over and arrested, she's reportedly trying to get a restraining order against her. Um, Sam avoids Lindsay as much as she can, why would Lindsay want a restraining order??

The problem with the restraining order is that they both live in the same building and are often partying at the same hotspots! Lindsay needs to get a grip on her life and stop trying to create unnecessary drama.