Lindsay Lohan to Strike Deal With Paparazzi?

November 14, 2008 By:
Lindsay Lohan to Strike Deal With Paparazzi?

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly interested in striking a deal with the paparazzi. She always looks so freaking miserable in every photo snapped of her.

She's followed every second of her life, and thinks maybe if a deal is made, she would be able to live her life. But she's afraid they wouldn't stick their end of the agreement.

She tells Access Hollywood, "They're kind of rough in L.A. They're dangerous with their cars and they don't listen to you no matter what. They're always outside the house, whether the cops ask them to not be there or not."

She adds, "I feel like, (the paparazzi) should get a lot of shots in the beginning of the day, and then leave me alone. I get my space, they get their shots, they're doing their job and I get to live a life. So there's got to be some sort of balance but I don't think me saying it has ever done much."

It almost makes us feel bad for her. We wonder if any real laws will ever go into effect to prevent the paps from being so invasive.