Lindsay Lohan to Shoot BBC Documentary in India

October 27, 2009 By:
Lindsay Lohan to Shoot BBC Documentary in India

Lindsay Lohan is following in Jessica Simpson’s footsteps and heading to India! She showed up at the Rock The Kasbah event in LA last night, hosted by Sir Richard Branson.

Lindsay told Pacific Coast News that she was inspired by Branson, whom she met while in Dubai, to do charity work. “I’m going to India soon, actually, before Thanksgiving,” Lindsay said, “And I’m doing a documentary for the BBC Network.”

She continued, “It all happened actually when I was in Dubai. I like to support charities I think it’s important to kind of have a voice when you can have one, and make a difference.”

The reporter asked Lindsay what inspired her to do the project, and Lindsay said, “It’s basically on the trafficking of children in Behar India. So it’ll be starting soon. We’re just trying to work out the times and the dates. I’m a little nervous, but I’m excited to do something like that.”

Lindsay also said, “I think if you’re in the position where you can say something that people will listen to and make a difference, no matter what else gets said, because I know I deal with that more than most people do at this point, I think you should use it. I think you should use your voice for the right reason. There’s no reason you shouldn’t. And that’s what validates you at the end of the day.”

According to TMZ, Lindsay’s rep confirmed that she’s attached to the project. She told the judge last week that Lindsay has been on the straight and narrow, and even included the fact that her client is involved in the documentary.