Lindsay Lohan to Rehab Staffer: Watch Your Back!

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Lindsay Lohan to Rehab Staffer: Watch Your Back!
It's a classic case of she-said, she-said. Lindsay Lohan is absolutely livid that the staff member from Betty Ford is now pursuing legal action against her, so Lilo is going to press charges herself.

As we reported earlier, Lindsay is in some serious trouble after she got into a physical altercation with the rehab staff member. Lilo claims that the woman put her hands on her first, which prompted Lindsay to shove her.

Lindsay Faces Jail Time for Battery

The staff member called the cops on Lindsay and reported her to the authorities and now Lindsay is firing back with her own charges.

"The woman who claims she was attacked in the house had it out for Lindsay since day one. She didn’t want her to drive and didn’t want to give her any passes to go out. This lady tried to do everything she could to not allow Lindsay to do the things she’s entitled to,” said Lindsay's dad Michael.

He continued, "Lindsay had gone to get her hair done with two girls from Betty Ford. While Lindsay was at the salon, the two girls left for a bit.

“After the girls got back to pick up Lindsay, they returned to Betty Ford ten minutes late. When they walked in, instead of the Betty Ford staffer addressing all the girls, she grabbed Lindsay by the arm and told her she needed to take a urine sample immediately."

Lilo passed the drug and alcohol test so the woman was tripping for no reason. Linds was ten minutes past her curfew but it sounds like this whole thing got blown way out of proportion. She now faces up to six months behind bars if the judge decides to punish her. And we all know the judge wasn't the least bit sympathetic towards her.

Who do you think is at fault? Lindsay or the staff member?
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