Lindsay Lohan to Host Saturday Night Live

September 13, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan to Host Saturday Night Live

Lindsay Lohan made a great move by hiring Larry Rudolph. Not only did he get her on the VMAs last night, but now she’s in talks to host Saturday Night Live.

According to the New York Daily News, Lindsay is in conversations with SNL to host their December 4th show. As of now, she’s under a strict regimen of four psychotherapy sessions, two addiction counseling sessions and five 12-step meetings every week plus random drug testing twice a week.

If she continues to stay on the straight and narrow, those rules will end November 1st. Then Lindsay will be free to travel outside of Southern California, and be in New York, which is where she’s expressed that she’d like to live.

If Lindsay does land the gig, it’ll be her first time back on the SNL stage since 2006. Back then, she’s was really good at hosting and poking fun at herself. Now her life is even more ridiculous, so we can imagine the SNL cast having a field day with her.

Lilo was pretty self-deprocating last night on the VMAs in her skit with Chelsea. She said in one particular line, "You think anyone would work with a drunk?"

Obviously she was referring to herself! We think this is an excellent career move for her. Larry turned Britney Spears’ career around, and we bet he can do the same for Lilo.