Lindsay Lohan Suffers Nip Slip Filming 'Liz & Dick'

June 5, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Suffers Nip Slip Filming 'Liz & Dick'

Ahh, there’s the Lindsay we know and love.

Lindsay Lohan is only on day one of filming in L.A. for her Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick” and already, she’s suffered a nip slip.

And this is why you wear a bra. Ladies, am I right!?

Wearing a retro-inspired low-cut halter dress, Lindsay was in a scene with her on-screen husband, played by Grant Bowler, when she suffered the “wardrobe malfunction.”

The scene they were filming showcased LiLo and Bowler engaged in a very intense fight, Bowler grabbed Lindsay’s arm and looked as if he was trying to throw her onto the floor of the yacht. I’ll make ya walk the plank!

Lindsay Lohan In A Bathing Suit As Liz Taylor

Anyway, all that aggressive acting probably became too much for the troubled starlet, because her boobs were obviously trying to get far, far away from all of it.

These photos are from yesterday’s shoot. It’s just one in a string of photos that have surfaced online.

So far, we’ve seen Lindsay in a cheetah print bathing suit, a retro Liz Taylor esque suit, and now the nip slip.

It’s good to see the paparazzi have set up camp outside the film shoot. Now we don’t even have to watch the movie!!!

A couple months ago, Lindsay was cast as Elizabeth Taylor - a move that raised a few eyebrows but the casting powers-that-be stand by their decision.

“I think that she is quite excited for the opportunity, not only to get back to work, but to play this part,” says producer Larry Thompson, “Elizabeth is a character who is larger than life, but I think that Lindsay can definitely relate to her quite a bit.”