Lindsay Lohan Stumbles Out of Hollywood Club

June 30, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Stumbles Out of Hollywood Club

Lindsay Lohan didn’t waste any time going from house arrest to Hollywood party. She hit the town last night and celebrated with a bang.

Lindsay showed up to Lexington Social House in Hollywood last night to celebrate her independence. And it wasn’t just a casual drop in. She stayed at the bar for over five hours!

She was seen leaving with Emile Hirsh and "Nikita's" Lyndsy Fonseca and had to use the wall for support because she seemed a little tipsy.

She almost fell at one point and a photographer was overheard saying, “She’s drunk!”

Of course a few rehab and jail stints won’t keep her from a good party. The judge recently said that she’s allowed to drink, but has to submit random drug tests for the next year.

Funny thing is yesterday she text TMZ saying she was “afraid” to go out because of the paparazzi and that she was just going to concentrate on her career and finishing her community service. So much for that.

What are your predictions for the next rehab stint? In 6 months? A year?