Lindsay Lohan: Stress Caused My Trip to the ER

September 25, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan: Stress Caused My Trip to the ER

All this getting arrested can really stress a girl out.

According to reports, the stress from her recent trip to the NYC police station is what sent Lindsay Lohan in the emergency room. The actress is blaming anxiety for the flare up of her chest infection.

TMZ reports that Lindsay’s friends are saying that when she was arrested for hit-and-run in NYC it aggravated her pre-existing pneumonia condition.

In other words, stress – and NOT the hundreds of cigarettes that she smokes a month – is to blame for her crappy lungs... Sure thing, Linz!

As Hollyscoop previously reported, LiLo was rushed to the hospital on Sunday for a condition known as “walking pneumonia,” a diagnosis that is common with heavy smokers.

“[Lindsay] went in Sunday night for chest infection but because of her asthma they wanted to be safe,” said Lindsay’s dad Michael Lohan.

According to Michael, Lindsay had rid herself of the infection before she left for Atlanta to shoot Scary Movie 5.

“Obviously she didn't get enough rest and it came back,” Michael said. “She's on antibiotics. This was more precautionary than a major medical issue.”
According to Lindsay’s rep, the actress is out of the hospital and resting at her hotel.

"Lindsay was treated and released, and is doing fine," the rep told Hollyscoop.

The stress that Lindsay is referring to is related to her newest arrest at the Dreams hotel in NYC. The actress was accused of driving drunk and striking a chef by the name of Jose Rodriguez.

Security footage of the incident has since been released, but it is unclear if Rodriguez was actually hit by Lindsay’s Porsche.