Lindsay Lohan Still Stalking Max From The Wanted

December 6, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Still Stalking Max From The Wanted

Lindsay Lohan, who I’m pretty sure has never left LA or NY in the last 10 years, was spotted backstage at the Jingle Ball concert in Philadelphia last night. Why? Because The Wanted was there and we all know that Lindsay Lohan is obsessed with Max George aka the “hot one” aka the one we all have a crush on.

For the record, Jingle Ball is a concert exclusively for 13-year-olds, so it’s not like Lindsay was hanging out at Coachella, she was obviously there to see (i.e. stalk) The Wanted.

To catch you up to speed, Lindsay's nightclub arrest last week was because she punched a girl who was flirting with Max when she so clearly wanted him. Highly doubt Max would ever visit her in jail, but a fistfight in the name of love is not the worst thing you can do. 

After Lindsay’s arrest, Jay Guinness from The Wanted was spotted wearing a “Free Lindsay” T-Shirt. Aww that’s so cute, but he’s not the hot one. Boooo. 

Radio station Q102 DJ Maxwell spotted Lindsay backstage at the concert signing autographs and snapped a pic of her.

I guess since Lindsay’s first rendezvous with Max was so disastrous she thought she’d try again? Cheers to love, err stalking, err weird crushes that land us in jail!