Lindsay Lohan Still Insists She’s Innocent

March 18, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lohan Still Insists She’s Innocent

Lindsay Lohan is patiently waiting for her trial to start after she showed up 48 MINUTES LATE and get this: Lindsay STILL insists that she’s innocent.

Rudy Dekermenjian, partner/manager of Mr. Pink's energy drink, and the guy who chartered Lindsay's jet to LA, just told Hollyscoop exclusively, “She believes she is innocent and will get off.”

Rudy also adds that she was “concerned” about being late to court, but for some reason doesn’t think she’s ever going to jail. Probably because she’s gotten off so many times before.

Even if Lindsay gets sentenced to house arrest, it’s really just a staycation.

Lindsay was late to court this morning because she was too busy partying in New York and missed her flight back to LA on Saturday. So she got on a plane Sunday, it had some engine problems and then Mr. Pink provided her with a private jet in the middle of the night. But even with the private plane, she still rolled up to court 50 minutes late.

Then, when she got there, she was attacked by a glitter bomb, which is just when someone throws glitter at you.