Lindsay Lohan Steps Out with New Man, Henry Hopper

February 2, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Steps Out with New Man, Henry Hopper

Ohh, Lindsay…if you’re not in and out of court or the morgue, your dating another random, we just can’t keep up. Lindsay’s newest alleged beau is late actor Dennis Hopper’s son Henry.

Henry Hopper and Lindsay were caught going for a liquor run yesterday in Venice by Lindsay’s house. The couple was caught buying Grey Goose Vodka and lots of Red Bull at the Venice Beach liquor store and according to a store employee they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

“Lindsay’s been in here before,” says the Liquor store employee, which is a low-key way of calling her an alcoholic.

“Today she brings in this young guy and they were all touchy-feely and they kissed on the lips a couple times. Just quick little love-pecks but they were definitely together,” says the store employee.

Henry Hopper apparently just turned 21, but just google him cuz the kid ain’t bad on the eyes.

Lindsay's dating life is becoming as ridiculous as her film career, it’s like she’s taking whatever she can get. First she was hooking up with the owner of the Dream Hotel in NY, Vikram Chatwal, who was also apparently married? Then she was rumored to be dating Philipp Plein, who she modeled for his brand recently. He was also engaged to be married. Then she was dating, I dunno her bailiff, probably. Now she’s dating 21-year-olds…great, she can introduce him to the great world of drinking alcohol and ankle bracelets.

Meanwhile, Lindsay is leaving her Venice Beach home and rumored to be moving to NY. Apparently, with the random stalker trespassing on her property and all the looky-loos trying to creep into her yard, she realized it’s time to move.

In the meantime, she’ll be holing up at the Château Marmont, because that is totally not the most high-profile celebrity feeding ground in LA and she’ll never get photographed by paparazzi there. Sarcasm anyone?