Lindsay Lohan Steals Amanda Seyfried's Boyfriend

May 19, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Steals Amanda Seyfried's Boyfriend

The stories about Lindsay Lohan dirty dancing last night with Dominic Cooper make a little more sense now. Reports surfaced on this morning that Lindsay and Dom were getting super close at the Belvedere party at Cannes last night.

A source said, “Lindsay and Dominic were flirty, but not overly touchy. They arrived in a group and went to their table. Both were in great moods, dancing, having fun. They were really playful with each other.”

Embassy Confirms That Lindsay Lohan is Full of It

Now we hear via Us Weekly that Amanda Seyfried and Cooper are on a break. "They have been on and off for a long time," the source says. "Right now, they are taking some space from each other."

We’re sure that “break” didn’t involve Amanda allowing her guy to run into the arms of desperate washed-up Lindsay Lohan!

And even more so, the source says, "They still talk all the time and are trying to work things out. They are still very good friends."

Apparently Dom’s little tryst with Lindsay lasted until 5 o’clock this morning. An eyewitness added, "It definitely looked like something was going on between them."

Amanda is probably steaming over this! Lindsay probably picked Cooper just to spite Seyfried for how successful she’s gotten since they both starred in Mean Girls.

But guess payback’s a bitch, since it looks like Lindsay will lose again when she’s sentenced to jail tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed the judge doesn’t give her any preferential treatment!