Lindsay Lohan Spends $500 a Day on Security

December 10, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Spends $500 a Day on Security

Lindsay Lohan isn’t just any old Betty Ford patient. Even in rehab, she has to make sure someone has her back at all times. And that means hiring 24-7 security.

According to TMZ, Lilo is spending a whopping $500 a day for extra security around her on the grounds.

Lindsay Says No to the Jive

I didn’t know she even had that kind of money anymore—maybe she’s putting it on credit? Anyway, Linds is supposedly pissed off she’s shelling out so much dough because her security guards are showing up late every day. The nerve!

Michael Lohan: Lindsay Was Conceived High

Sources say the guys are supposed to work from 6AM to 7PM every day, but they weren’t clocking in til 4PM. You do the math…that’s a tad bit tardy, so I see why she’s mad!

Lindsay is also angry because no one else at Betty Ford had to hire extra security. Well duh, Joe Schmoe off the street usually doesn’t require a bodyguard.

Insiders say Betty Ford agreed Lohan no longer has to pay extra. Hope she’s putting it in savings!