Lindsay Lohan Sobs to Her Father

November 4, 2009 By:
Lindsay Lohan Sobs to Her Father

Lindsay Lohan may be estranged from her dad Michael Lohan, but there’s proof that she had been communicating with him recently.

Radaronline has gotten a hold of an audio recording that features Lindsay crying hysterically to her father.

During the tape, Lindsay tells Michael, “Mommy says that I’m worse than you were. And she’s defending…She doesn’t back me…she doesn’t stand by me.”

She goes on to say, “No one cares about me. They don’t, by the way. It’s about how they feel, not how I feel. It’s not about me. It’s never been about me, unless I fight for it.”

We’re wondering if this recording was taken right after her final break-up with Samantha Ronson, since she’s so upset. But whatever it is, Lindsay clearly knows she’s got problems. Now if only someone would help her do something about it!

Listen to the tape here.