Lindsay Lohan Skips Court To Hang With The Wanted

December 11, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Skips Court To Hang With The Wanted
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Lindsay Lohan is officially a groupie. The full-time lawbreaker and sometime actress is so enamored with Max George from boy band The Wanted that she’s skipping her court appearance to follow him across the Atlantic.

Lindsay is supposed to appear in court on Wednesday for her three misdemeanor charges against her: resisting an officer, lying to cops, and reckless driving. Remember when she got into an accident over the summer on PCH and lied about being the driver of the car? Uggh, how can you forget that!?

Apparently jet-setting with the dudes of The Wanted is far more important than dealing with your criminal record. But it actually doesn’t matter, Lindsay’s lawyer will appear in her place, which is fine, Lindsay’s not required to appear.

However, Lindsay’s dad Michael Lohan is NOT okay with Lindsay’s court ditching antics, “It’s crazy that she would not appear” Michael Lohan tells Hollyscoop.

We’ve already learned how Lindsay bunked with The Wanted on their tour-bus for a string of East Coast dates, but now she’s flying to London and then Dubai with them!

Boy banders are supposed to be hooking up with the Blake Lively’s and the Kate Upton’s of the world! Not Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsay is rumored to be hooking up with Max. Her bar brawl on Nov. 28 allegedly started when Max started flirting with a girl who wasn’t Lindsay.

The moral of this story is that Lindsay is officially a groupie now and I’m definitely NOT jealous, or anything. Who knows, maybe those boy banders can keep LiLo out of trouble? Hahaha Lindsay, out of trouble? What a silly idea.