Lindsay Lohan Shows Up to the Morgue Two Hours Early

October 21, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Shows Up to the Morgue Two Hours Early

I hope the Devil has a cardigan, because I think hell just froze over. Lindsay Lohan showed up to work early this morning at the Los Angeles County Morgue.

While she had to be there at 7 a.m. sharp, Lohan arrived nearly two hours early. Her rep, Steve Honig, explained:

"Lindsay arrived at the L.A. County Morgue at 5:35 a.m. this morning. She is sitting in her car waiting for them to open. Her orientation starts at 7."

Once it was time to enter, Lindsay snuck in through a back door. Scary. If there’s one place I want to use the main entrance of, it’s gotta be a morgue. I don’t want to see what’s in the back alley of that place, you know what I’m saying? Lindsay was appropriately dressed in all black, including black boots and a black hoodie. Her rep said:

Yesterday, Lohan was turned away after she showed up for work 40 minutes late. She apologized via Twitter, saying she couldn’t find the place. Even though she’s 1) lived in LA for the past eight years or so 2) been there before.

And even though Lindsay and her mom appear to be on good terms, with Lohan taking Dina as her date to the Kardashian wedding, her mom is reportedly writing a tell-all memoir.

According to TMZ, Dina has been shopping the book around town, and it will expose Lindsay’s darkest secrets. TMZ obtained a draft of the prologue, in which Dina writes:

“I blamed her friends, her career and her handlers for an (sic) newfound lifestyle of partying excessively. Drinking, drugging and behaving irresponsibly became Lindsay's way of daily living--and it tore me up inside. How could I deny my daughter the chance of a lifetime? How could I hold Lindsay back from her dream of becoming an actress? So, I listened to others and sent my daughter to Hollywood with a few pieces of luggage and a chaperone."

In the memoir, Dina says when Lindsay started her downward spiral, racking up mug shots, she felt helpless about her daughter. Dina confessed she was conflicted because she was both Lindsay’s parent and manager.

However, Dina denies the TMZ story, calling it “a total lie.”

“I would NEVER do a negative book about my child,” Dina said. But she still didn’t rule out a memoir, saying “when and if” she does do a book, it will be “all positive.”

In 2010, Dina Lohan didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with Lindsay. She told the Today Show:

“When she went out to Los Angeles when she was 19, I had to let her go and let her live and fall and fail and survive. Without failure, there's no success. I was there in close proximity, but you can't make your child not go out and go to a club and not get behind the wheel of a car.”