Lindsay Lohan Shows Off Decaying Teeth on the Red Carpet

October 13, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Shows Off Decaying Teeth on the Red Carpet

If you've ever wondered what rock bottom looks like…

Lindsay Lohan walked the red carpet on Wednesday night for the launch of Saints Row: The Third concert game, and the actress looked pretty shocking. Her teeth were brown and appeared to be rotting. Her hands were dirty and black, covered with nail polish. Her hair looked great. That's how bad it's gotten for Lindsay. I now actually feel bad for talking about her, and feel obligated to throw in a compliment.

I don’t even know what drugs you have to do to get this look. Lindsay is due back in court in a few days to meet with Judge Stephanie Sautner to give a status update on her community service time.

At this point, I don’t know if I would call whatever she's doing "partying." It's more like downward spiraling. Either that or she's doing a really, really good Pete Doherty impression.

It seemed like Lindsay might have had a small chance of salvaging a career, recently. She's still rumored to be attached to that Gotti movie, she had a fashion photo shoot, and her friend Tyler Shields keeps taking her picture. But this red carpet moment brought us all back to reality. See, this is what happens when Lindsay Lohan doesn’t distract people with her boobs. We notice other things.

The drama is never ending for Lindsay. She's recently been sued, too. Elite Transportation and Security Services filed a lawsuit against the actress for not paying for limousines she reserved back in 2009.

She reportedly reserved limos for friends and family In February and May of last year. Elite says the Lohan repeatedly promised to pay the bill, but never did. The company also gave her bodyguards. Originally, the bill was $32,515 and had a VIP hourly rate of $55-1,000. Along with interest, Lohan's total came to $90,000.

Lohan's reps said, however: "We're not aware of any lawsuit. We haven't been served with anything, so we can't comment on a lawsuit that has not been served or seen."

At this point, I think it's safe to say that Lindsay Lohan's reps are just claiming ignorance on everything while they peruse jobs on