Lindsay Lohan Rejected By Another Guy

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Lindsay Lohan Rejected By Another Guy
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Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan was voted one of the least desirable actresses in Hollywood (yeah, it’s a real thing) and today she’s just been shot down by another dude she was supposedly dating.

So, a couple weeks ago, Lindsay was rumored to be dating some NY DJ named Julian Calvin, because apparently “boybander” ISN’T low enough on the music totem pole and now Lindsay is resorting to DJs.

Well, turns out she’s NOT dating him, the guy just denied that he’s doing anything with her.

“She comes to a bunch of my DJ gigs. Sunday she came and was hanging in the booth [but] Lindsay and I are just friends. We are not dating,” Julian told TMZ.

Ok, so Lindsay is officially just a groupie now. It’s almost sad, but then we remember that she hooked up with Max George, and we’re kind of jealous.

Speaking of Max, he constantly denied he was boning Lindsay for DAYS. He didn’t want anyone to know they were an item.

“I’m certainly not!” Max once responded to reports that he was canoodling with the Lindz.

And then there was James Deen, Lindsay’s co-star in The Canyons and since they made sexy time on-screen, everyone assumed they were hooking up off screen.

James previously stated, “I can definitely, honestly say Lindsay Lohan and I are not having sex!”

So, Lindsay’s 0 for 3 in the dating department.