Lindsay Lohan Set To Enter Cell Hell

July 8, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Set To Enter Cell Hell

On July 20th Lindsay Lohan will be uttering the words “We're not in Kansas anymore” when she surrenders to authorities and embarks on her 90-day jail sentence as a result of violating the terms of her probation.Hollyscoop spoke EXCLUSIVELY with celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos in regards to what her stay will be like.

Goodbye LaLa land and hello Cell Hell! This experience is bound to be an agonizing one for the 24-year-old party princess. Lindsay will be placed on a 2,000 calorie diet (including sandwiches, juice and milk) which means there will be no coke buffets or party favors. Lindsay will be in isolation in a dark 6' x 10' cell at the Lynwood Correctional Facility in Lynwood, CA with a toilet, concrete floor and a cot.

“The problem with jail is that if you haven’t been there or were hardened then I can tell you horror story after horror story. There was a woman here before you and told me she was raped in jail. The sheriffs are under manned and the jails are overpopulated. There is no way to manage it. Its not a humane situation. If we really wanted to help her, with this system let her go to rehab or a lockdown. I don’t know why we are putting her in jail.”

If the jail sentence wasn’t the correct way to help Lindsay’s situation, then we cant help but think if her sentence was too harsh?

Geragos admitted, “I think it was more than a little bit too harsh. I think it was over the top. The idea, and I will say that again with great deference to Judge Revel who I know and love... the idea that she got 90 days in jail plus 90 days in a rehab center for basically coming late to court and missing her weekly appointments even though she was schedule to finish her alcohol program on time is an outrage.

Frankly the most a judge could have given her is a year or a year and a half. If she had refused probation, if I was her I would have refused probation and just told her to go pound sand your honor and I am going to do my time. For a year, the sheriff will let you out in about six days.”

With this in mind its obvious that Lindsay being a celebrity did not work towards her benefit. “I think being a celebrity caused her these problems," said Geragos. “She would not be doing this kind of sentence, this harshly, and would not have this attention drawn to her if she wasn’t a celebrity.”

Unfortunately her celebrity status will not help her out of jail on a earlier term. Geragos admits, ”If she was Lindsay Smith or Lindsay Jones, no, she would be out in 8 hours. Given Paris Hilton’s experience I would not bet or wouldn’t even be able to predict it. I will tell you that the 90 day rehab does mean she has to do the 90 days.”

Mark represented Winona Ryder, who in December of 2001 was arrested for shoplifting from the Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, says Lindsay will have her comeback. “I have been with many celebrities who have gone through this and knock on wood every almost every single one I have represented has made a tremendous comeback,” he assured.

Time will unveil if Lindsay Lohan will get her comeback. Until then we hope she can make it through her check in and check out times at Hotel Hell!