Lindsay Lohan Scores Work from Rehab

November 11, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Scores Work from Rehab

Lindsay Lohan has just scored herself some work from rehab! According to TMZ, Linds has been given a day pass out of rehab to do a photoshoot with a major magazine.

Her Betty Ford counselors have reportedly given her the ok to do the shoot, which will take place in Palm Springs near the clinic.

Lindsay Trying to Leave Rehab for Porn Flick

Her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley says things are going well for Lindsay since she moved into a sober house connected with the Betty Ford clinic.

"The move to the sober house is part of the program so that Lindsay is integrated back into society, and all the outings she's taken have been pre-approved and encouraged by program representatives,” Holly says.

Lindsay Lohan's Boob Hangs Out for Magazine Cover

"I've spoken with her counselors who say she's complying with all of the program directives."

Seriously, I thought Betty Ford was better than this. Why are they rewarding her with work already?? Lindsay has only been in rehab since October (we won’t count her stint at UCLA), and just one month later she’s getting preferential treatment!

As you may recall, Linds did a similar deal with Ok! magazine back when she was in rehab at Cirque Lodge. And don’t even try to tell me she wasn’t paid for that.

Whatever magazine is doing a spread on her should be ashamed of themselves. They’re just giving her the easy way out so that she doesn’t go into debt for rehab. Furthermore the Betty Ford Clinic looks like a joke for allowing Lindsay to walk all over them like this.