Lindsay Lohan Scared to Return to Jail

September 23, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Scared to Return to Jail

Lindsay Lohan is apparently really scared to go back to jail. Tomorrow will decide her fate of either getting off easy or being sent back to the slammer.

But friends say despite appearing to be nonchalant about the whole thing, Lindsay is actually petrified. “She's scared she might have to go back to jail. This is a wake-up call for her in a way. In the past, she dismissed everything, never took it seriously and now she's like 'Oh, something bad could happen.'”

Though Lindsay was reportedly out with friends drinking on Friday night while she wrote her apologetic tweets, her real friends don’t find her attitude very amusing. They apparently think more jail time is necessary because Lilo just doesn’t get it.

One source says, “Her true friends are actually happy this is happening. They never knew what it would take for Lindsay to listen. This might be it. But still, the attitude of some of her friends is, 'Oh no, not again.' It never ends with her.”

It all goes down in court tomorrow—despite Lindsay reportedly testing positive for cocaine and amphetamine abuse, experts believe Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden Fox could order Lindsay back to rehab instead of to prison.

We say both! Jail then rehab, and no getting out early of either this time!