Lindsay Lohan 'Saturday Night Live' Promos Released

February 29, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan 'Saturday Night Live' Promos Released

‘Saturday Night Live’ has just released the promos for Lindsay Lohan’s weekend appearance. They include jokes about a pie, a kitty calendar and living in the air ducts of Studio 8H. Let’s hope they’re saving the felony grand theft and coke jokes for the show.

In one promo, Keenan Thompson tells Lindsay, “It’s good to have you back.”

“I never left. I’ve been living in the studio,” Lindsay says.

Upon being accused of stealing Keenan’s lunches, Lindsay retreats to the air ducts she’s been living in.

It’s Lindsay’s fourth time hosting, and in another promo, Keenan says, “The first time you get the respect. The second time you get the joy. Third time, you get the glory. But the forth time, you’re not gonna believe what you’re gonna get.”

“What?!” Lindsay exclaims, and then Keenan hands her a kitten calendar.
In the only promo addressing Lindsay’s high profile problems, Keenan says it’s a shame we haven’t heard about her lately.

“I for one, would’ve liked to know more about your personal life.”

“America could’ve used more information about me. And maybe even a picture or two,” Lindsay says.

Meanwhile, Lindsay was interviewed by Matt Lauer for the Today show, where she insisted she’s clean and sober.

“Yes, I’m good. And I’m clean and sober,” Lindsay laughs. When asked how long she’s been clean, Lindsay thinks and then responds: “It’s been a while. It’s been a long time.”

Matt then brings up Whitney Houston’s death and asks Lohan if it made her reflect on her own issues.

“Not really. I don’t want to go there. That’s kind of a scary, morbid thing to discuss,” she told Lauer.