Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer Firing Could Send Her To Jail

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Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer Firing Could Send Her To Jail
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Yesterday Lindsay Lohan fired her lawyer Shawn Holley, AKA the woman responsible for keeping Lindsay out of jail every single time, and while this in itself is a big deal, it’s an even bigger deal because Shawn was in the middle of negotiating a plea deal that would keep Lindsay out of jail IF she went to lock down rehab for 6 months.

Too bad Lindsay went and screwed it all up by firing Shawn yesterday.

TMZ has learned that Shawn had convinced the judge to end both the jewelry heist probation case AND the lying to police charge if Lindsay went to rehab for 6 months without checking out and being a baby about it.

Well, Shawn was fired just hours before she was heading to court to work out the logistics of the plea deal.

Here’s what I think happened: Lindsay has this crazy aversion to rehab because for whatever reason she can’t admit she has a problem AND I think Lindsay believes she’s going to be offered movie roles in the next six months.

OR Lindsay just straight up can’t afford Shawn’s legal fees. She owes Shawn over 6 months of payments, and with no job in sight, its just adding to her massive debt at this point.

Apparently Lindsay is regretting the entire decision and wants Shawn back.

Why won’t Lindsay just hire E! to film her life for a reality show? It would actually have drama, unlike that bullsh*t the Kardashians are pulling, and voila it would be an instant payday for Lindz.

But what do I know?