Lindsay Lohan’s First Post Rehab Acting Role Revealed

August 15, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lohan’s First Post Rehab Acting Role Revealed

Yesterday Lindsay Lohan posted a selfie to Instagram titled “back to work.”

Back to work, where? Back to working over the good graces of the Chateau Marmont staff so you can stay for another month without paying anything? Back to work on a vodka habit?

What is “work” for Lindsay Lohan anyways?

Well, turns out Lindsay has nabbed a sweet gig on the hilarious HBO series “Eastbound and Down.”

Lindsay will appear in one episode playing the grown up daughter of the show’s lead Kenny Powers. Kenny Powers is played by Danny McBride who you might recognize from all the Judd Apatow/James Franco/Seth Rogen films.

This is Lindsay’s first real acting gig since rehab! This is HBO! This isn’t letting Oprah’s cameras follow you around or pretending to be Chelsea Handler for 30 minutes.

Check out this clip reel of the show. This is the character Lindsay’s supposed to play the daughter of. We think it’s a match made in TV heaven.