Lindsay Lohan Runs Back to Former Druggie Lover

August 22, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lohan Runs Back to Former Druggie Lover

Lindsay Lohan was in the company of a friend she used to party with before her current sobriety and it has people slightly concerned.

The actress met up with a friend, the hotel magnate Vikram Chatwal, for a lighthearted shopping date. Vikram was busted for drug possession (cocaine, heroin, weed, and prescription pills while boarding a plane) this past April, but avoided jail time by agreeing to a yearlong in-patient rehab program.

They were rumored to have dated in the past when photos of them kissing on a hotel balcony surfaced.

But that was the past…

As for now, Lindsay finds the get together harmless, thinking it’s a good idea for her to be around people who are also recovering. Is she testing herself?

Drug counselors aren’t unanimous on this topic, though most recommend that recovering addicts not try to challenge themselves by hanging around other addicts this soon after getting out of treatment.