Lindsay Lohan Returns to Court, Could Go to Jail

November 2, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Returns to Court, Could Go to Jail

The cameramen are setting up. Lighting is in place. The crew has arrived. Yep, it's time for another Lindsay Lohan courtroom showdown.

And this one might actually end up with her being handcuffed away to jail. This Wednesday morning's hearing will decide whether or not she did indeed violate her probation. If she did, she'll end up doing jail time, per Judge Stephanie Sautner.

And a source close to the situation said on Tuesday: "She's getting jail time." Apparently, the judge is simply fed up. Last month, Judge Sautner said that Lindsay could get "maybe a year," based on a change pending from her 2007 DUI.

"I can tell you as an individual, she's a very strong person and extremely eager to put this behind her and have closure so she can move on in her life," Lohan's spokesman Steve Honig said on Tuesday. " Whatever happens in court, she'll approach it with the same spirit, strength and courage with which she approaches everything in her life."

Which means, what? That she'll throw a temper tantrum and do a quick line of coke before saying "but I don’t wanna go to jail!" and then Tweet that the other inmates are mean to her? Because that seems to be how she approaches everything in her life.

A spokesman for the City Attorney added: "We are seeking jail time."

And Lindsay has just about run out of Get out of Jail Free cards. Here are the numbers. The maximum time Lohan could get is a year behind bars. She got credit for four months when she did her month-long house arrest this summer. So that leaves the max sentence at eight months, and according to TMZ, the Sherriff's Dept. says Lindsay would only serve 20%. That's standard for all non-felonies. So, all in all, it calculates to her jail time being a little over a month or so.

At this point, I think Lindsay is practicing her "oh sh-t" face for when Judge Sautner announces the sentence.

Sherriff's officials added that because of security reasons, Lindsay would not be placed with the general population, she'd get her own cell.

Not that Lohan and her lawyer, Shawn Holley, aren't going to fight it. Their plan of attack is reportedly begging for mercy. Holley will admit that Lohan did violate her probation, which the judge has called "a gift", but contend that she is now all grown up and ready to take her privilege seriously. Lindsay has gone so far as to ask the morgue for a letter of recommendation.

They said no. And to think, she brought them In-N-Out burger!

So the chances of Lindsay being handcuffed to jail today are pretty high. The show hearing begins at 10 am PST.