Lindsay Lohan: Resident Bad Girl at Betty Ford Clinic

December 21, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan: Resident Bad Girl at Betty Ford Clinic

Lindsay Lohan is a bad girl and we should all accept it! She’s probably gonna be a bad girl until she turns 30 when she matures a bit and realizes she did a lot of stupid things in her 20’s.

Lohan was moved to another location at the Betty Ford Clinic because she reportedly got into a fight with a staffer who tried to reprimand her when she returned late to the sober house, reports

"Lindsay was moved to another property owned by the Betty Ford Center in order to preserve her safety, yes, but also to deal with any differences she might have had with anyone in that house," said a source.

Originally there were reports that Lilo was moved because they were concerned about her safety, but that’s apparently a load of crap. In true Lilo fashion, she’s just causing trouble.

It’s sad how she behaved for about 100 days and then things started to go downhill again. That’s because she probably got bored of being a good girl. Screw ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ I think Lindsay should sign up for a season the new season of ‘Bad Girls Club.’

It’s not like she has anything else lined up. That way she can just act like herself.