Lindsay Lohan Replaced by Amanda Seyfried in New Film

January 30, 2009 By:
Lindsay Lohan Replaced by Amanda Seyfried in New Film

Lindsay Lohan’s days of being the “it” actress are long gone. But on the flip side, Amanda Seyfried is reveling in her newfound A-list status. The two girls’ roles have completely reversed in the past couple of years, leaving Lindsay out, and Amanda in.

You may recall that Lindsay and Amanda actually co-starred in a little movie called Mean Girls a few years back. Amanda was just a supporting (but awesome) character in the movie, while Lindsay was the star. That may have been Lindsay’s last great film role. Because shortly after came Georgia Rule, I Know Who Killed Me, and ultimately, Lindsay’s downfall.

Now, ironically enough, Lindsay has just lost out on a big movie role to Amanda! She was being considered for the starring role in A Woman Of No Importance, which is a film adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s novel.

Lindsay was originally cast in 2006, but then the production was put on hold. Now that it’s back on, Amanda is their girl. She’ll be co-starring with the great Annette Bening in the film. Now how hard is Lindsay Lohan kicking herself now???