Lindsay Lohan Refuses Rehab, Dr. Drew Refuses To Help Her

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Lindsay Lohan Refuses Rehab, Dr. Drew Refuses To Help Her
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Happy Monday Hollyscoopers, so much Lindsay Lohan drama happened over the weekend, here’s what you missed.

For starters, there were reports that Lindsay Lohan was desperately trying to go to rehab to avoid going to jail, well that wasn’t true. Lindsay has flip-flopped again and is telling friends that she absolutely does NOT have a drinking problem and doesn’t want to go to rehab,

despite reportedly drinking up to two liters of vodka per day, which I’m not even sure is possible without dying.

So anyways, we consulted with rehab professional Dr. Drew Pinksy to basically ask, what’s up with Lindsay Lohan?

“We don’t know what’s going on, none of us do, but its clear that we should be praying for her and hoping that she makes it through,” Dr. Drew told Hollyscoop at the CNN Heroes event.

This isn’t the first time Dr. Drew has been approached about Lindsay. Her dad Michael Lohan asked Dr. Drew to stage an intervention, but Dr. Drew refused.

“He contacted me and I thought it would be a bad idea if I were a part of it so I referred him to other people,” he tells us, explaining why he thought he shouldn't do the intervention, “because there would be no opportunity to start the intervention if I show up. Lindsay would be gone. Her parents are very concerned about her.”

Also, in related news, did you know that the woman Lindsay punched at that nightclub last week was a psychic? Why didn’t she know this would happen if she was a fortune teller?

Also, the psychic’s friends reportedly tried to steal Lindsay’s purse that night as well. So, there’s that bit of trivia for your Monday morning.