Lindsay Lohan Refuses to Promote ‘The Canyons’

September 25, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lohan Refuses to Promote ‘The Canyons’

Paul Schrader, the director of The Canyons, is sounding off on the film’s Facebook page, voicing his confusion and disappointment over Lindsay Lohan's lack of interest in helping promote the film.

In the lengthy diatribe, he centers on a few grievances: Lindsay missing every red carpet or premiere, not appearing for any photo sessions, which includes the ad campaign art, and an interview with The New Yorker for a profile on the actress.

Mostly he feels burned because after initially firing her from the set over her insubordinate attitude, he gave her a second chance and rehired her.

“I hired her when no one else would,” he wrote, insinuating that she’s been ungrateful throughout this whole ordeal. “She has no other films in the can.”

Paul did praise Lindsay’s performance, attributing it to why he’s so passionate about having her be a part of the film's promotion. He understands that Lindsay is trying to move forward with her life and her sobriety, but he doesn’t feel that means she should turn her back so passive-aggressively on her past work.

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