Lindsay Lohan Reconciles With Dad, Set For Barbara Walters Interview

October 15, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Reconciles With Dad, Set For Barbara Walters Interview

The Lindsay Lohan family drama continues to spiral into crazy town. Last we heard, Lindsay Lohan said her dad Michael Lohan was “dead to her,” well it looks like he’s alive again.

Michael just told Hollyscoop exclusively that he and Lindsay “have talked it out and everything is great.”

Now, Dina Lohan is apparently fuming and wants Lindsay to get a court-appointed restraining order against her own father, so he can’t call, text, or email Lindsay at all. However, Lindsay thinks that’s a little harsh, besides, who is she going to call when she and Dina hate each other again?

Oi vey, this will probably pan out just like last week when Michael was “dead” to Lindsay and Michael told us that this is “Typical Dina manipulation! So sad she continues to use Lindsay!”

Let’s just re-cap the Lohan struggle from the last week, to catch you up to speed.

Lindsay and mom Dina get in a fight. Lindsay hates mom. Lindsay says mom is doing lines of coke. Lindsay calls dad. Lindsay loves dad. Lindsay and mom hug it out. Dad sells audio of phone call with Lindsay to news outlets. Lindsay hates dad. Lindsay and dad “talk it out.” Lindsay loves dad, again.

Because of all Lohan's drama, Barbara Walters has decided to snatch Lindsay up for a rare interview.

Lindsay and Barbara will reportedly do an interview to coincide with the release of Lindsay’s new movie, “Liz & Dick.”

Lindsay is only agreeing to do the interview because she trusts that Barbara won’t get into off-topic questions like, “what’s the deal with your life?”

Apparently the interview will be about Lindsay’s parallels to Liz Taylor’s life, i.e. child stardom, rough childhood, life in the public eye, and addiction.