Lindsay Lohan Racks Up Huge Hotel Bill

July 30, 2009 By:
Lindsay Lohan Racks Up Huge Hotel Bill

Lindsay Lohan loves to live the good life, but never wants to take responsibility for it. Especially when it comes to paying bills.

Lohan has racked up a $37,500 hotel bill from the luxurious Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles and is refusing to pay up.

A source tells the British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "It seems Lindsay has unpaid bills at Chateau Marmont mounting up to $37,500 (£25,000). She'll ask for a room even though she's told there's an outstanding balance at the desk."

Lohan practically lived at the Chateau for a while back in April following her split from Samantha Ronson. Since Lindsay doesn't actually have a home herself, when the couple split, she went from hotel room to hotel room.

The hotel must have started to refuse her rooms after her outstanding debt because she moved in with her little sister Ali Lohan for a while too. It's such a shame that she was once one of the most sought after young actresses and now she can't even pay her bills.

Back in 2005 when she was still making money, she spent nearly a $1 million dollars just to live at the Chateau Marmont. She rented out one of their bungalows that usually start at $2,000 a night, and barely even made it home most nights.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, Lindsay needs to be under a conservatorship. Look at what it did for Britney! This girl is clearly unable to take care of herself and needs some serious guidance in her life.